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How to make a custom stencil /Как да си направим стенсил

Hi, lovely ladies !

I find out that almost every time when I'm starting a new project need something especially for it. That way came the idea to make my own custom stencil and I'm going to share it with you.

 Here’s the list of what you’ll need to make you stencil:
  • piece of clear or colored acetate sheet / I think colored one is much more easy to use for that purpose/
  • small dies - I choose Diamond Press dies because they are perfrect size
  • fine point permanent marker 
And the rest of the list for the card:
Step 1
You have to create a pattern with your dies- chose the size of the dies and the distance between figures.  
I decide to try small and big pattern. For perfect stencil you'll need to lined the dies shape with marker first. Make it on the back side of the dies because it's easier to stick it with tape.

Here is my acetate sheet ready for work.
Step 2
Start cut the shapes. At the end clear the acetate sheet with cloth impregnated with alcohol to erase all the tracks of the marker.
And here it is your stencil in two really effortless steps!

Make a base for your card by using watercolor techniques.
After my AquaTints dries, lay the mask and make the design you like.
Use white structural paste and color it with AquaTints. That way you may have any color you like.
And after some decoration your complete card will be done !

06, 21, 26, 30, 24 - Bright & Primary sets

I hope you enjoy this and give it a try !
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Tutorial credit: Mila Popova

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