четвъртък, 27 август 2015 г.

Червената ябълка / The Red Apple

We all love to color people and I think it's very important to express the facial features right and much more realistic.  There are so many great tutorials and tips how to improve your coloring skills. I find the perfect one for my purpose and use it to make the girl's face expressive and representational.  I made a new card following Adding Facial Features by Lis Murphy. She created perfect step-by-step instructions and magnificent card.I have colored this clear stamp with Spectrum Noir markers.I followed the steps in the tutorial and first outlined the face with TN3, then added shape to form the nose, eyebrow and cheeks. I don't prefer strong definition of the facial features so I blended the colors on the face a little bit for slight shadows and more realistic view. When finished the entire face, I repeated the cheek area. For smoother tan I used the brush nibs of the markers.
Here is the Spectrum Noir markers color list:
Skin: TN3;FS2,4,6,9;BG2,6;CR2,3,5
Hair: TN3,5;GB2,GB4,GB7,GB10;BG7,BG8;CG2,4;DG1,3,4;Blender
Dress: IG1,IG2,IG4,IG6,IG7,IG8;Blender

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